Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) equips students with a number of important life skills. These include an ability to communicate clearly, an ability to think critically and creatively, an ability to solve problems across a wide range of domains, and general leadership abilities.

Programme Objective

The Bachelor of Arts is a flexible three-year degree that allows you to study a wide range of subjects, while specializing in two areas (major and minor or double major). As a graduate, you can work in many areas including tourism, the media, government, museums, libraries, banking, publishing and teaching. The BA Program is offered in a subject combination of Journalism / Psychology / Marketing / English.


Students seeking admission to the BA program must have passed Pre-University/Higher Secondary/10+2 examinations or equivalent of any recognized Board or Council in any discipline.


The Program Duration for B.A will be Three Years comprising.

Course Contents

Subject Subject
Compulsory English English General Paper-2
English General Paper-1 Economics General Paper-2
Hindi General Paper-1 Hindi General Paper-2
Economics General Paper-1 Geography General Paper-2
Geography General Paper-1 Political Science General Paper
Sociology General Paper-1 English Special Paper-7
Political Science General Paper-1 Economics Special Paper-3
English Special Paper-3 Economics Special Paper-4
English Special Paper-4 Economics Special Paper-5
English Special Paper-5 Economics Special Paper-6
English Special Paper-6 Economics Special Paper-7

Course Benefits

Candidates successfully completing the program will be awarded a Degree in B.A from Swami Vivekanad Institute of Management Science & Technology.

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