Diploma in Computer Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering branch imparts education in hardware and software relating to computer which is an integral part of all processing in almost all fields. For the first three years they study variety of subjects which make them industry ready. In the last year theoretical knowledge that they have learnt will be put to practice by a project. The results of this project will be published in scientific journals and conferences. The curriculum of Computer Science and Engineering has been designed keeping in view its immediate relevance in our social, commercial and domestic lives. Knowledge emanating from the departments and laboratories of Universities are of immediate use to the corporate sector and generally influences social fabric of the society.

Programme Objective

They will be technically qualified for practice in the profession. They will demonstrate the ability to specify, design, and implement software and/or hardware-software systems to meet customer requirements or to advance the state of the art; the ability to employ modern computer languages, environments, and platforms in such tasks; and the ability to apply knowledge of science and mathematics to such tasks. They will be effective technical communicators, orally and in writing, and effective team members capable of working effectively in groups on computing problems. They will be ethical professionals, capable of evaluating personal and professional choices in terms of codes of ethics and ethical theories and understanding the impact of their decisions on themselves, their professions, and on society. They will be successful as graduates, either through professional employment in the private or public sector, or as students in graduate study. They will also be able to employ life-long learning tools and techniques to maintain their currency in the field.

Admission Qualification: 1 Year

The candidate who has successfully completed 10th with work experience.


Semester 1st

Semester 2nd

Subject Subject
Operating Systems Fundamentals of Computing
Microprocessor Computer Network
Object Oriented Programming Database Management System
Software Engineering Computer Application
Java Programming Computer Hardware and Servicing

Admission Qualification: 3 Year

The candidate who has successfully completed 10/10+2 with Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry / Diploma with work experience.


Semester 1st

Semester 2nd

Subject Subject
Mathematics-I Mathematics-II
Engineering Physics Engineering Chemistry
Computer Application Engineering Graphics
Basic of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Internet Systems


Semester 3th

Semester 4th

Subject Subject
Operating Systems Computer Architecture
C and Data Structures Web Design
Visual basic 6 Java Programming
Microprocessor Software Engineering


Semester 5th

Semester 6th

Subject Subject
Computer Networks Computer Hardware and Servicing
Relation Database Systems Mobile Computing
Dot Net Multimedia
Embedded Systems Project

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