Bachelor in Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is the term for the work of designing and building infrastructure. It usually means large structures, like bridges, dams, buildings, and tunnels. It also covers complicated networks such as water, irrigation and sewerage networks. It also covers the construction of houses and homes. Civil engineers can be involved in all stages in the life of infrastructure, from planning and construction to maintenance and demolition. Civil engineering often overlaps with architecture.

Programme Objective

Civil engineering is concerned with the design, construction and maintenance of structures – including bridges, roads, buildings, dams and waterways. In past years, civil engineers focused on design and construction of new facilities, such as buildings, bridges and highways, water treatment and environmental facilities, foundations and tunnels. Today’s civil engineer not only has to design new facilities, but must also analyze the effects of deterioration on infrastructure elements, consider system interdependencies and evaluate life-cycle impacts while also considering environmental and economic sustainability within the context of society. Civil engineers must be equipped with in-depth knowledge of traditional.

Admission Qualification:

The candidate who has successfully completed 10+2 with Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry / Diploma with work experience.

Lateral Entry to 2nd Year (IIIrd Semester):

The Candidate who has successfully completed three years of diploma or Its equivalent after 10th standard is eligible to take admission in 2nd Year(IIIrd Semester) of B.E.

NOTE: (For lateral entry fee Rs. 2000)


Semester 1st

Semester 2nd

Subject Subject
Mathematics -I Programming and Data Structure
Electrical Technology Applied Physics
Engineering Mechanics Mathematics-II
Chemistry Fundamental of Computers
Manufacturing Process Environmental Studies


Semester 3th

Semester 4th

Subject Subject
Surveying-I Foundation Design-II
Basic Electronics Fluid Mechanics
Structural Analysis-I Structural Analysis-II
Strength of Materials Surveying-II
Foundation Design-I Hydraulics


Semester 5th

Semester 6th

Subject Subject
Steel Structure-I Building Construction-II
Building Construction-I Cost and Valuation -II
Solid Mechanics Engineering Drawing and Graphics
Element of Civil Engineering Steel Structure-II
Cost and Valuation -I Hydropower Engineering


Semester 7th

Semester 8th

Subject Subject
Irrigation Engineering Construction and Planning Management
Water Resources System and Planning Structural Dynamic
Operation Research Project
Architecture and Town Planning VIVA
Transportation Engineering

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